blackSKYwhite - The most famous Russian avant-garde theater to Norpas

The most famous Russian avant-garde theater group will be performing in Finland in August at Festival Norpas.

The award-winning Russian avant-garde theater group blackSKYwhite performs in the Festival Norpas. The group shows first time in Finland as a special number an electronic music and dance show, M means Magritte.

blackSKYwhite is one of the most prominent and famous avant-garde theater groups in Russia at the moment. Among other things, the group has been premiered twice in the main category at the world’s largest art festival, the Edingburgh Fringe Festival.

The theater group has diligently attended foreign festivals. The group has performed 14 times in a row at the giant Glastonbury Festival. In addition to Norpas, it is this summer they are already invited for the third time to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert.

And how and why they are coming to Norpas? Perhaps the best answers to this are coincidence, good people and always so surprising and fascinating Russia. Therefore, Norpas is to be written in the same gang with the other multicultural festival, at least in theblackSKYwhites travel book.

The show starts on Saturday at. 19:30 when the entrance to Verstas and Verstas’ bar closes so that we can offer both the audience and the artists a peaceful presentation. The doors and the bar will open again after the show around 20:30.

With these tickets you can get to blackSKYwhite: Festival Pass, Verstas-Pass and Verstas evening Saturday. Buy your ticket now for summer’s perhaps the most significant cultural event in Finland: