Norpas festival, Taalintehdas 2014
Norpas festival, Taalintehdas 2014


What is Norpas?

Independent culture festival which combines multiple art forms. Organized for the fifth time on August 19th – 21st, 2016 in Taalintehdas on Kimito islands in Finland.

Norpas has its roots in the Catalonian countryside near Barcelona where the Norpas predecessor, Festival Surpas, was organized. As Festival Surpas came to its end in 2011, it was time for its northern sibling to emerge at a small village of Taalintehdas by the Archipelago sea.

The basic idea behind Norpas is an event where unique art productions of different art forms and genres can be experienced and where the audience and the artists genuinely meet.

Norpas is made of concerts, silent films accompanied by live musik, workshops, installations, photo exhibits, art exhibits, interviews/lectures with artists, dance, performance art, theater, cirkus and all these colliding in unexpected ways.

The program shows a multitude of different fields of art and strives for open-mindedness and boundlessness within each form of art. Norpas does not like to define itself tightly as a forum of a specific form of art or genre, but as an open, popular, free and independent culture festival.

Both Finnish and international artists and performers are part of the program every year. Especially Spanish artists are well represented. In 2015 Festival Norpas received the yearly art prize of the Art Committee of the Finland Proper area.



Taalintehdas (Dalsbruk in Swedish) is a historical ironworks village founded in 1686 and located by the Finnish Archipelago sea. As the village is very small all the venues and services are within a short walking distance from each other.



It is adviced to buy tickets beforehand as many of the venues have very limited capacity.

Advance sale of tickets starts June 23rd in the Norpas webshop and at the Ticketmaster site. The information on these sites is unfortunately only in Finnish. If you have trouble buying tickets, please contact info(a) During the festival the remaining tickets are sold at the Festival Info in Bio Pony or at the door of the events (Nb! No ticketsales at Ruukin sauna).

In addition to paid events, there are also many events free of charge around the village.



Please notice that the small village of Taalintehdas has very limited capacity for accommodation. Please buy your accommodation well in advance. Buy accommodation at the Norpas webstore.


Services in Taalintehdas

There are a several nice restaurants and cafes in Taalintehdas. During the festival there are also food stands both during the day and at the evening concerts at Verstas. Also beer, cider and wine are sold at the Norpas bar at Verstas.

You can also find for example two grocery stores, a pharmacy and a liquor store in Taalintehdas.



Festival Norpas hopes that the festival visitors pay special attention to their emissions. Please use trash bins and separate recycling bins reserved for cans and bottles. We also encourage people to chose our ecologial festival bus which runs on biogas to get to Taalintehdas from Helsinki. There is also public transportation to Taalintehdas from Helsinki and Turku.


Other information

Some of the food stands only take cash. The ATM can be found by the Sale grocery store.